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Week-Old Baby Hippo and Its Mom at the San Diego Zoo

Meet Funani, a mom hippopotamus at the San Diego Zoo, and her adorable newborn calf. Funani gave birth on March 23, 2015 and the baby hippo has spent the first days of his life nursing and learning to swim.

Baby hippos typically weigh around 50 pounds when they’re born and stay very close to their mothers for the first several weeks of their lives. In this video you can see momma Funani and her baby spending good quality time, bonding, playing and relaxing in the water.

Funani is a 30-year-old hippo who has raised four other calves at the San Diego Zoo, three females and a male. The sex of this new baby hippo has not yet been determined and won’t be until the staff and vets can get close enough.

No matter the sex, this baby hippo is heart-meltingly adorable. Watch the video to see just how cute he or she is!